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Kicking off our Weekend at our Thursday Pre Party!

The band Brazilbilly was established in 1995. They have been the house band at Robert’s Western World for the last 18 years and have been the longest established band in the history of lower Broadway. They are distinguished by their attire, their character as a group and by their desire to keep traditional country music alive and well.

While JesseLee sings lead for the band and plays rhythm guitar, Brazilbilly features highly-respected Nashville musicians and singers, including Chris Casello (guitar, steel) David Tanner (bass, vocals), Maxwell Schauf (drums, percussion), and Eamon McLoughlin (fiddle).

The Willies

Our Friday Night Special!

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The Willies are Nashville based roots artists conjuring the spirit of that time before bordello jazz & dirty fingernail blues were the background music for baristas and doggy bakeries! There’s Dave Willie (Committee for Public Safety) fronting on bass. and Jen Jones,(The Camaros) fronting on piano. With the Flannery O’Conner styled Jeremiah Cline, on banjo, this 7 piece New Orleans inspired ‘horn band’  brings old-timey busking inside.  Expect energetic, muscular, rollicking, original music, peppered with Trad Jazz, Blues, and Oi style gang vocals.

Posey Royale



Posey Royale (formally the Posey Quintette) is a piano-driven ensemble that is dedicated to reviving the prolific swing orchestration of the late 1940’s. We celebrate hot jazz and swing obscurities - the ‘hidden gemstone’ songs that might have breached the mainstream jazz billboards - but missed - due to the abundant creative renaissance of the swing movement.
Our sound is a dedicated nod to the ‘power-house’ composers of swing history. Each of our arrangements is unique to Posey Royale - because we lovingly transcribe these tunes (by hand and ear) in order to preserve the historical accuracy of their original concepts. Posey Royale features the fierce improvisational interplay of a small-combo swing ensemble that blooms into the intricate harmony and warm counterpoint of an orchestra — all in a clever package that’s designed to delight dancers and listeners alike. 



Robert Barbier

Robert has DJ’ed since 2007 when he helped start his college’s swing dance club. He has DJ’ed all over the southeast at events large and small. His goal is simple: get people out of their seats and on the dance floor. He enjoys sharing his love of exuberant rhythms, swinging music, and playful songs, all while paying close attention to what people are in the mood for.


Dylan Morris

From Dylan: "I think Lindy Hop is one of America’s preeminent contributions to global culture. When I DJ I get to dance with the whole room."


Justin Todd

From Justin: I DJ good-quality swing music because Swing Dancing has given me confidence, friends, and a fun way to exercise. I think it's a hobby worth building a community around, and it should be done in a high-quality way. To me, playing danceable & good-quality big-band jazz music is vital to building community around Swing Dancing. Plus, part of most scenes’ mission statement (including our own – Swing Dance Memphis) is to preserve authentic, danceable, and vintage big-band jazz music.


Phillip Chuor 

From Phillip:" Originally from SoCal, I’ve been dancing since the rebirth of “Swing” in early 90’s. The next few years, I quickly began to experience the growing community and uprising battle between Hollywood (Dean Collins) and Savoy styles, which no longer exist today. And If you were a dancer in these times, then you’ve lived through the years dancing almost 5 nights a week at some of these historic locations such as Memories, Birra Poretti’s, Music City, Twin Palms, the Brown Derby, the Pallidum, Bobby McGee’s, and cannot leave out, the Carnation Plaza inside Disneyland. With that being said, in the last 30 years, I’ve LINDY HOPPED to all types of music, BALBOA and SHAGGED to many classics, and now, I'd love to DJ and share my past experiences as we all dance through the standards today."

Burt Carroll

Bert fell in love with the music of the swing era playing trombone in a big band. He found blues in a dirty dive bar in Atlanta in the 2000’s and has been searching for the perfect mid-tempo lindy song with a little blues in it ever since. He has DJ’d at events around the Southeast and enjoys spinning the standards as well as mixing it up a bit.

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