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Music City Exchange
Covid 19 Policy

A variety of dancing and entertainment in Nashville has welcomed all for well over a year now, with a few venue exceptions. Here in Nashville, there are NO restrictions, and we are adhering to the same policies. We are an inclusive community that welcomes all. We also know that many cannot, or chose not, to vaccinate for many reasons. On the other hand, we also have welcomed those who are vaccinated, boosted and choose to wear a mask. We welcome everyone and have been transparent on inclusivity. We are confident that there is a large population of dancers that are pleased to have a quality event to attend - while also enjoying some hot chicken and honky-tonking!


As established with Swing Dance Nashville, please note that we will continue to use the system below for peoples comfort levels:

Please dance to YOUR comfort level, you are responsible for your own personal experience. We will provide wrist bands of Red, Yellow, and Green to help all navigate the levels of comfortability.

Red: "Please don’t ask me to dance, I only want to dance with who I came with"
Yellow: “I have hesitations, ask me what I’m comfortable with”
Green: "Ask away! I am comfortable being asked."

We believe in a basic concept: if you are comfortable dancing and/or listening to swing music, then please come! We would love to have you! If you are not comfortable, then now is not the right time FOR YOU and that is your choice. We will welcome you with open arms when you are comfortable coming back. 

We strive to lead with kindness ONLY, hateful words can NOT be unheard. And when all of this is behind us, we still want people to be able to exist in the same community.

We do ask if you are sick that you DO NOT attend out of courtesy  for those attending.

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